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Auto air conditioning service Nelson

Richmond Auto Service air conditioning service is an important part of your vehicle service schedule. We can also service the vent system in the vehicle which is a breeding ground for moulds to grow.

Electric car air conditioning systems and hybrid car air conditioning systems serviced here

Richmond Auto Services have invested in a leading edge air conditioning machine that can service all types of auto air conditioning systems. This includes fully electric vehicle systems that require a specific type of oil in the system, and hybrid car air conditioning systems.

The service on your auto air conditioning system should be carried out once every two years to try and avoid any issues with the system components.

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Auto aircon repair, diagnostics, leak detection and replacement parts

If your air conditioning is not operating as it should be or not working at all, we can help. Richmond Auto are equipped to deal with all manner of auto aircon repair including:

AC leak detection

The a/c system may be slowly losing its refrigerant, making it inefficient and putting extra load on the motor. We run a dye through to pinpoint the leak.

Fault finding-diagnostics

There are plenty of electronics on an auto aircon system that can fail and need expert diagnostician to solve. With our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, we take the guess-work out of the equation, quickly identifying the cause and putting things right.

Replacing system parts

Richmond Auto Services have a reliable source of parts for all aspects of the a/c system for all makes and models, including electric and hybrid cars.

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